Arthur Lindberg, "Tonawanda Coke Furnace",
signed and dated 1947, 20" x 24'
Jules Halfant, "Williamsburg, Brooklyn"
signed and dated, 1935, gouache  15" x 20
Vincent Jannelli, "Rooftops from Home"
signed and dated, 1938 20" x 24"
Louis Nisonoff, "Brooklyn Waterfront", signed and
dated 1947, 24" x 34"
Jules Halfant, "Street Widening", signed and dated
1947 25" x 34"
Jules Halfant, "Brooklyn Churches", signed, ca 1940
20" x 24"
Gallery Small New York
through April 9th
E. M. Bicknell, Jules Halfant,
Vincent Jannelli, Arthur Lindberg,
Louis Nisonoff, Saul Raskin
Vincent Jannelli, 'New York in the Distance'.
signed dated 193715" x 40"